"Those that can't teach"..a refreshing answer to this statement

I really wish I was not so suspicious by nature, that I could be a bit more trusting, but I suppose in the online shark infested world of forex, it has served me well to question the motive of every trader who has gone to considerable lengths to teach others and then often, ended up charging for a course/live trade room etc.

I just generally don’t buy that humans can be that altruistic, or at least that there are so many kind-hearted millionaires out there:)…with A LOT of time on their hands…

I have recently come across Jarratt Davis, I am taking a liking to his take on the market and trading method, and in doing my due dilligence, while searching for any scam or something negative associated with his name, I came across this answer from him on the above statement. “Those that can - Do, those that can’t - teach”

Those That Can - Do, Those That Can’t - Teach. - Jarratt Davis

He makes some good points and is quite refreshing in his honesty about how much return he gets…

Ultimately I am consequently more inclined to listen to what he has to say…what do you guys think?


Is his actual trading report available and not a picture of a graph?

A trader who teaches me says it is about divertification. The 100s and 100s % return monthly is simply not real. And as the things are random - you cannot project your actual income. He has 30% of his portfolio invested in real estate, 20% in stocks, the rest in forex, but he is working on other projects as well, and also teaching forex.

Richard Brenson didnt get where he is by doing only one thing

No…which is an annoyingly common occurrence with these guys! I am always amazed at the extent to which people can go to the trouble of taking screenshots and uploading those, while a simple verified myfxbook link would be much more effective and believable.

I tried to find 3rd party verification of his claim of being the 2nd best retail trader over that period etc. but could not find anything other than on his own sites. I also can’t find the Barclays retail trader index…but that could be my lack of google skills.

All that being said, his answer about essentially not making enough money and frankly wanting to diversify his income, was quite unexpected!

Agreed. I have no problem with someone teaching in order to have an extra stream of revenue, but that has to go hand in hand with them being upfront about it. It’s the guys who claim to make millions, or say that they are “giving back to the community” whatever that means…that I find hard to fathom!

Trading can be a lonely game. It can also depending on your type of trading allow a lot of free time.

It is not uncommon for successful traders to teach as it can allow them a second source of income, a feeling of fulfilment by helping others and a social interaction.

Yes there will be those who teach but do not trade themselves but so what, if they are good teachers does it really matter?

Those that can’t teach those that can’t be bothered to learn

…who then can’t trade and teach the next in line

…“and that’s the circle, the circle of life”

I trade successfully and teach a weekly webinar for free. However, there are those that either can’t learn, don’t want to learn, or don’t have time to learn. For those guys, I charge ten bucks a month to get all my trades. Everyone seems to be happy with the arrangement.

I didn’t want to just give it away, but I didn’t want to attempt to be some high priced guru or something.

All the same we are all here to try to financially better ourselves. And I’m appreciative of sites like this that presented a schmuck like me with an opportunity to beat the traditional rat race. 7 years strong and counting.

“If you are good at something never do it for free” -Joker

I am presently going through his free material. It gets e-mailed out only once a day and today’s was a duplicate of yesterday’s. I expect it will take a week or two to get it all and review what he has to say.

I’ll post my comments after seeing the entire program that he offers. I see that the ultimate is a fee of $3,000 to join and $300 a month there after. Nothing wrong with that in my books. I regularly pay lawyers and accountants large fees for professional quality work. And that is the question, is it professional quality work and services. For that high fee I would have a high expectation. We shall see.

[QUOTE=“Truth;690229”] For that high fee I would have a high expectation. We shall see.[/QUOTE]

It’s a high fee because that’s what he wants you to expect. Unless he created a customized unique indicator or something, there is nothing new he will teach you that you can’t readily access for free.

Heck, pay me half that one time and I’ll show you how to gain an average of 8% every month.

Just to stir the pot …

“Those that can’t teach” or “Those that can’t, teach”?

Big difference!

Maybe those who can’t can’t teach either. And maybe those who can can’t teach. :slight_smile:

I believe that the original maxim was, “Those who can, do and those who can’t, teach.”

It was later altered to add the phrase, “and those who can’t teach, teach gym.”

How exactly do you trade mate? Do you have a myfxbook or tradingview.com account? I don’t know what to believe anymore Jarret Davis claims its all about the fundamentals. He is a extremely profitable trader…apparently 2nd best in the country.