Those who don't trade forex anymore, was it a good decision?

i’ve read some posts here about quitting forex, if you are one of them, how long have you quit, why did you quit and do you think it was a great idea?

or if you quit and then returned tell us too.

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I did quit trading FX directly, but still watch the majors and instead utilize equity ETFs that track other countries indices / currencies (EWZ, FXE) for example.

The biggest reason was that I just lost my passion/excitement for it. A large reason for this was that I have always been more inclined to trade the equity derivatives market (options). About 6mo ago I stopped trading everything except for options and I’m happy w/ my decision.

I prefer the more analytical/mathematical approach needed when trading options. I supplement that approach with standard tech analysis and have done pretty well so far.

Aside from that- I think we’ve all sworn off FX trading many times (particularly after blowing an account) only to be back at 1 2 or 3 months later.

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when you stop trading, what were you doing instead?

do you also have recommendations for options trading lessons for beginners?

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Were you an options trader before FX? Or the other way around? I’ve now several ex-FX traders who also stuck with options and equities market trading.

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I don’t think quitting forex is a good idea. There are failures at every stage of life but don’t give up. Keep on practicing.

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I think that anyone who had quit because they suffered more losses than gained profits would surely tell you that they are better off without trading.

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Trading definitely tests your commitment and resolve in the face of losses and, depending on your perspective, not progressing as you think you should. But an important part of that is expectation. If you expect to earn a living after demo trading for just a couple months, and then it doesn’t happen, I can see you quitting altogether and never returning. Trading in general, regardless of asset class, isn’t for everybody.

But that’s also the beauty of forex. You can trade short or long time frames, and really craft how and when you trade around your personality, life style, and what works best for you.

For today, it just seems unrealistic to me. Probably because I found something that interests and motivates me 100%.

your smart

Frankly speaking, it seems to me that there are no people here who are not interested in trading and Forex at all.
And in a theoretical format, it is quite difficult to answer this question.
But I agree with what to do either well or not to do at all.

It can be a good solution for a person who just doesn’t feel trading is a matter of his life. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because each of us has to be free in our decisions. And you shouldn’t do things that you don’t like and don’t make money.

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I don’t think it is a good decision. If you can stick into this market, you can be profitable. The only thing you need to gather knowledge .