Thoughts on OctaFX Copytrading?

Has anyone have any experience as a master / copier using OctaFX Copytrading? Thoughts please.

I stumbled upon their copytrading app the other day, and thinking this might not be a bad idea to try and become a master, although fun fact after contacting their CS is that master can’t trade from that app. TIA!

haven’t used octafx, but tried a little bit of copy trading with fxview by connecting myfxbook. i kinda liked it. i think copy trading system works alike with every broker? or am i wrong? do let me know once you start will look out.

You might want to try some good copy trading systems not owned by brokers. Just connect your broker to it. I can’t recommend because I have not used any. I can only talk about Tenkofx PAMM account where I follow a traders who is very good. PAMM is investing, rather than copying. But capital is being hosted with the broker.

Hmmm. :confused: I personally haven’t traded with OctaFX or used their copytrading services. (Actually, I’m not a big fan of copytrading. :sweat_smile:) But I got curious about them so I decided to look them up. :open_mouth: From their recent reviews, it looks like their people are having issues because of the delay between the Master trader and the copier. :thinking: And in forex, timing plays a really big role. :open_mouth: Until they get to settle this issue, I would suggest not to get involved with them for now. :open_mouth:

Also found a thread here about them. :open_mouth:

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Wow thanks for looking up! I’m actually interested to become the master instead, but yes kinda want to see how the whole shenanigans work first. Just in case if some people that I know wants to follow me. Their website looks pretty decent but kinda time consuming to look for a suitable master for me to test out.

Nice, I’ll look them up. Do you experience any delay issue there? their layout looks rather simpler than octafx indeed

Sorry for the late response. The order or server speed is why I use the broker. Its one of the advantages. I don’t get frequent delays

Dear Chong79,

We’re pleased to see that our application sparked your interest. If you wish to try our copytrading platform from a copier perspective, you can always find a master who provides a 7-days trial. This will allow you to invest and copy without paying commissions.

Our copytrading platform is based on our trading conditions and give users who aren’t ready to trade themselves the possibility of accessing forex with the help of experienced master traders. You can filter them based on the level of expertise, strategy as well as risk. We’d be more than happy to respond to any of your questions, should you have any.

Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.

Hey, thanks! Yes, I’ve tried to become a copier, although I wasn’t aware about the copytrading bonus at first, I didn’t take it because it was quite confusing.
Tried a couple of masters with different commission and such, made a little profit here and there, not bad. I’m interested to become a master, do you have any restrictions? something else that I may have to be aware of, do you take extra commissions from master?

no problem :slightly_smiling_face: sorry what’s the delays here, could you please elaborate? do you have any trusted tutorials somewhere that I can look into?

I am talking about order execution especially during news hours. No delays.

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Hi thanks, I’ll look it up :slightly_smiling_face: How long have you been using it?

I haven’t used OctaFX but I have used copy trading. And I think copy trading works the same with all brokers.

Sorry for late reply. I don’t come here often. I have been using Tenkofx more than 6 months.

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I have always wondered about if Copytrading was any good

Which one are you using right now? I’ve been using OctaFX for a few months now and so far it’s doing great tho. Just a slight issue here and there…

@LeonJon212 So far I only use 1 broker to test being a copier, I might try to be a master in a couple of months. I pick a pretty consistent master. You need to choose the master carefully and understand how the broker’s rules.

Thanks! I’ll look it up :+1:

Hi Sir @Chong79 I am Using Octafx now I want to use octafx copy trading as copier, would you prefer it or not. and also tell me about that delay you where asking ,have you figure it out or not I am beginner plz guide me