Thoughts on the New 2024 Forums?

It’s been a few weeks! What do you think of the new forum redesign?

I’ve been reading the replies on Pipstradamus’s thread and it looks like a common feedback seems to be that it is on the bright side - literally. Ha.

BUT! Being that this is what we have now, I figured we should revisit some of the new features the old design did NOT have! So we can all look on the bright side heh.

1: Choose your own categories

Is there a forum category you prefer visiting or would like to always see first? Just click on that pencil icon beside the Categories section in your sidebar!

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 7.39.36 PM

From there you can select the categories you’d like to always be shown or deselect all of it so that the system chooses the most popular ones for you.

2: Personalized Links

For easy access to your favorite websites within or even outside of Babypips, you can select the + icon at the bottom section of your sidebar and add links to everything you want to easily visit from the forums!

In this example, I added the calendar, MarketMilk™ and a link to TradingView:


3: Status Messages

If you’re ever missing the AIM, ICQ, or even IRC days of setting status messages… we got them right here!

Just click on your profile photo at the top right of your screen, select the person icon, and then “Set custom status.”

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 7.47.59 PM

You can even set it so that it gets removed after a certain time!

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 7.49.55 PM

Could work if you’re in a particular trade or maybe even shilling a meme coin!

Which ones have you tried playing around with?


I like this feature the most.

Yeah me too.

@Ananais Just remember that you can’t please everyone. You just do the best you can and keep it moving.

A lot of us are happy regardless. We just want a place online to connect with others, and you guys have already provided that–update or not.

Keep up the good work!


l love USERES section, It’s great to keep track of everything. Thank you for that!

All three new features you’ve mentioned on the post are really cool. too, Still haven’t tried custom status. Will try that too.

Thank you babypips team for the beautiful work. Keep it up!