Thoughts on this "world's first trading watch"?

Here’s the product link: TradeTime - the first financial markets watch — TradingView

They sold 500 of them. I guess for the trading obssessed? Seems very unnecessary. :sweat_smile:

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Does it guarantee pips?

Of course! It will also automatically transfer cash to your bank account.

Crazy though they’re now reselling it on ebay for $6k!

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If you’re that involved in trading, wouldn’t you already know the sessions? If you were new and needed a reminder, then I can understand why you might want the watch.

But then again, if you were new, why would you spend so much money on an endeavor you just recently started?

It is a very nice subtle way to tell everyone you’re a trader, though.

I think this is definitely the reason people are getting it. To get asked by others lol

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But who would even notice? When does anyone admire a watch so much that they hold it up to their face and notice the type of details on this watch?

No one will ever notice. You’d have to tell people. Then you’ll be the person at the party who’s telling everyone about their watch.

You’d be better off wearing a t-shirt that says ¨I’m an fx trader. Don’t ask me what that means¨

Can you imagine wearing something like that? haha

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A very clever marketing idea to cash in on those premium users, if you ask me. To be honest, I actually liked the watch though. Looks simple and elegant. I could get in on the next batch.

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Other people who like watches. I have a friend who’s into watches and he was able to spot another person’s watch very very quickly. It’s fascinating.

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What’s your max price for it? Lol

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As per google:
¨Christopher Ward C63 Tradetime for $1,969 for sale from a Private Seller on Chrono24.¨

I prefer a sportswatch, however. My favourite watch of all time is the ironman watch

It has a lot of functions, and it’s easy to use. Also, it’s pretty inexpensive. Of course, no one will approach you and admire it, though.

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