Tick volume problem

Okay, so far I used FXCM for tick volume, and I was really satisfied with it. Today the histogram is all flat. I know there is a Japanese holiday toda,y but it is just too low, on every pair.

I checked my other broker’s feed, which usually has worse volume signature than FXCM. Even though that feed is a little lower because of the holiday, it is still much better. FXCM’s like totally flat.

My question is, is there a problem with it? Thanks in advance.

Okay I made new profiles on different servers. It is even worse. I was on the EUR server, went to GBP and USD, on them this goes on for several days it seems like, it reached the EUR server just today. There is definitely something wrong on FXCM’s end. Any feedback is appreaciated from the company, considering volume is a vital part of my trading. Thanks in advance.

Hi Darastonius,

FXCM has multiple servers for each currency. I checked the Tick Volume on my USD server to compare it to the Real Volume, and as you can see below they both look fine.

Please tell me the exact server(s) you are using and with which platform (Trading Station, MT4, NinjaTrader, etc.), so I can investigate this issue further for you. If you can attach a screenshot to your post, that would also help me.


I have the same problem with the volume. Any luck so far?

No problem with tick volume on my TradeStation platform —

Jason, the problem is not in the comparison the tick volume and the real volume, the problem is that on March 21st, 2016, the tick volume decreased to unusual level. Any explanation from FXCM would be appreciated My server is FXCM-USDDemo01

Clint, you are comparing 5 min chart to the Daily.

Tick volumes appear to be displaying properly on all time-frames, from 1-minute to 1-month.

Here’s my daily chart —

Hi Vaditus,

Thanks for providing details regarding your platform and server. I’ll will investigate this further and let you know what I find.

Clint, the number is relatively low. It’s Christmas/New Year level. If it’s normal and there is nothing wrong with the data feed then it’s okay. I was just wondering and I wouldn’t mind to have reassurance from the FXCM.
Thanks for sharing your data.

Yes, an excellent way to use the resources of the broker