TigerWit floor scams customers with extremely sophisticated tricks

According to some information that I have just updated, the TigerWit exchange scams customers with extremely sophisticated forms. Like a number of other scam exchanges, TigerWit has once again forged licenses from some of the reputable financial institutions it claims to own. Specifically, the floor’s tricks will be exposed through today’s article.
What is TigerWit?
TigerWit is a forex broker that offers a wide range of trading services to investors around the world. When first visiting the broker’s website, it looks like a normal company, with a reputable license and general services that look great. However, the more information you learn about this company, the easier it is to see its true face.

TigerWit claims to be a forex exchange founded in 2015 and from the UK. Currently, the exchange is providing its services in many parts of the world. The company supporting transactions in the Vietnamese market is TigerWit Limited (Bahamas).
The exchange claims that it is in possession of two important licenses from the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Bahamas Securities Commission. However, today’s reality surprised investors.

The investigation revealed that the TigerWit broker is temporarily not accredited by two financial authorities that it claims to have owned licenses for.

The Bahamas regulatory oversight board (regulatory license number: SIA-F185) which this broker claims to own is suspected of being fake.

TigerWit’s customer fraud strategy

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This company is very clever in defrauding its customers, investors can be scammed without them even knowing it, because money doesn’t disappear completely, rather, it does disappear over time.

There are several steps that this company is using when scamming people, for example: TigerWit is using simulation results, which means it is not following investor orders. This mainly happens when investors are trying to stop an order and the inability to stop the order causes them to lose a large amount of money.

Since this company does not follow the orders that traders are executing, TigerWit customers end up losing a large amount of money and they don’t even understand how it happened. In addition, this exchange uses simulated transactions for investors, which is illegal and goes against regulations around the world.

In addition, this broker does not provide educational materials. Under the worldwide regulatory framework, every broker must provide investors with educational material so that they can learn and grow as forex traders.

In addition, the leading Forex brokers in the market provide their investors with news about current events in the market, to ensure that they are regularly updated and forecasted. things to come. However, in TigerWit, this information could not be found.

Review of the exchange TigerWit

Some reputable websites and professional traders are giving TigerWit a low rating. This is also a warning to all traders currently trading and referring to this scam exchange.

In addition, the exchange’s MT4 and MT5 platforms are both white-labeled, which means that TigerWit is on the list of exchanges with invalid controllability.

The type of license that this exchange is said to be fake is guaranteed in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, perhaps this is a big disadvantage for Vietnamese traders.

Is TigerWit worth choosing?

My review of FX broker TigerWit shows that this forex broker is a scam company. As a result of many hours reviewing the services of this company, I have found that this broker simply should not be trusted. There are many problems faced by this broker and it cannot guarantee the safety of investors.

The broker is having many conspiracies and tactics that affect the success of the trader. There are many things that investors should know about this company before starting to invest, and to avoid being scammed, you should not use the services of this forex broker.


Evidence from traders is one of the important facts about evaluating which exchanges are active in the market. Therefore, the above information can be completely trusted. TigerWit scam is something you should accept, warn your loved ones or yourself if you are investing in this ghost exchange.