Tiktok made me do it

Hello everyone, I’m Dee! :raising_hand_woman:t4:I almost joined an academy but saw someone introduce Babypips on TikTok so here I am. I’m wanting to learn how to get started & how to start making some extra income to support the life I want to live. Would love to know other people’s experience as a beginner so please feel free to share! :slight_smile:

FX trading is not a source of income, as like a job payment. Its set up is similar to a casino with the odds in their favour, which means you could lose your money as well as win. So, first of all, it’s up to you to learn how not to lose.

And this is what this great education site will provide, if you take it seriously - and forget about making money, because that would take care of itself once you become proficient. Experience counts for a lot.

There’s NO short cut.

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Welcome to the community, Dee. Good decision. It’s better to utilize free resources for now that you’re just starting out. This way you can use your money for trading in the future. Aside from that, in case you realize that fx trading is not for you, then you didn’t lose any money for education that you won’t be using. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hi Steve, thanks for your message, and I agree. Don’t worry, no shortcuts here haha, I’m wanting to learn, and if it helps me make money then great, but I do understand the risk too.
Already working my way through the pre-school course :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Zian! Appreciate you message. :pray:t4:
Definitely, I’d rather trail without paying a subscription fee of a couple hundy, and put that into trading when i’m ready.

The beginning of a forex trader’s career is often the most difficult part. It would be full of losses and that’s when you have to be wise about taking risks and using your money for trading. Just keep doing the job that pays you regularly because forex trading might not be able to get your profits from the beginning. It would take time for you to make a consistent income.

Beginner here! And let me just say that while I’ve made money from fx trading, it’s not been enough to use it as “extra income.” The more money you withdraw, the less capital you have in your trading account. I honestly don’t know when I can start actually using my earnings but I think that unless I’m making tens of thousands of dollars, it’s probably going to be unlikely…

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