Time and Money as essence of a trader

Well said! Yes, Time is an essential component of successful trading as with time a trader becomes an expert with consistency.

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Time and Money are truly the essence of a trader. You must devote time to learning and attempting to understand the forex market and trading concepts.


Yes basic learning and skill set will really put value to your forex trading.

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Rightly said, Time and Money are the true essence of a trader. It definitely takes time for a trader to develop into a successful one.


Yes, the skill set develops our abilities to perform better and get a grip over trading. Time and money are the real game changers here!

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You’ve said it right. Money doesn’t guarantee profits in trading, it’s the strategy which matters.
Someone rightly said - A sum of money in the hand has greater value than the same sum to be paid in the future. We should always protect our capital and use funds wisely in trading .

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Timing is an essential component of successful trading. Time does guarantee success, and one should always choose to practice and learn with the time they have. But money does not always guarantee success.

With time, skills get sharpened and enhance the outputs and without money trading can be done just in dreams. So both time and money are extremely important.

True, time & money is important. Every trading day is an opportunity to learn something new.

These two elements are very important for a successful trader I believe.

Yes indeed! Time & Money management are really important skills for traders to learn in order to be successful.

Yeah true. To achieve success, one must value both time and money.

As per my experience these two elements have helped me alot to sustain long in the race.

Time and money management is very important for a trader to be successful.

Yes, both time and money are valuable. Time is valuable when you constantly practice, and money is valuable when you know how to handle your money properly without suffering excessive losses.

Traders must be meticulous when it comes to management, since that’s the only way for us to progress.

Yes I believe the same. Time management helps to focus on one task at a time and trading involves keen attention.

So true. Time management is needed in everything whether it is in forex or personal life.