Time Based Pattern Analysis

I would like to open a new thread exploring time based pattern analysis.
As a base for the thread we can start reading my article at mql4 which investigate best trading hours using metatrade 4 for analysis.

Starting from this base it should be interesting optimizing this EA, sharing results of investigation on other currency pair, using other trend detection signals, using other time frames and so on.
Results will give statistical information about best and worst trading time intervals for each currency pair, for technical indicators or for any other useful parameter suggested for this purpose.
Other interesting arguments will be effective trailing stop to be used in exit strategies related to this way to enter the market.

Best wishes,

Wow…sniff…it’s a beautiful thing (eyes watering). :cool:

That’s exactly where I’d love to go with my EA’s but I don’t think I have the capacity to go to that extent.

Are you going to build the code for all the suggestions you get?

I think you should rename the EA to “HAL” …:smiley:

Obviously I have already build the code and it works very fine for EURUSD in 15M time frame. Renaming the code is surely the last of my priorities.
You’d better dry your eyes and start working if you want to go somewhere.

Best Regards

Ok, obviously no sense of humor and a big misunderstanding? :eek:

Perhaps I assumed too much…my comment about renaming it to HAL was in likening your EA to the movie 2001 Space Odyssey about a really high end AI computer system…and it’s name comes from the one off letter acronym for IBM… was a compliment, but then again, you’re a MAC user :wink:

Ok, surely a small unimportant misunderstanding.
In this case I should have call it NBD as an acronym for MAC but it doesn’t sound so fine :wink:

Anyway did you try the code in some other conditions with interesting results ?


That’s better :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have installed the EA, used the same time frame, dates, symbol, & optimized it as per your screen shots, and got results on the normal graph… but unfortunately nothing came up on the optimized results & graph :confused:

I havn’t had much time to go over what the problem might be yet…the attachment on your article page is the most current version right?

Dont’ know if you think it’s important at this stage, but what about increasing lots as the balance increases…like 0.1 lot per 1K of account balance?

If you are using release 1.2 there is a small oversight in the code. I have
sent release 1.3 but it’s not published yet.

It’s very simple, there are two wrong inizialized variables and this is ok:
bool UseHourTrade = true;
extern bool UseTimeBasedStopLoss = false;

First of all start having good result with a single lot and then it’s easy to
dynamically increase lots.

Let me know