Time-Constrained Trader: Seeking Brent Oil CFD Strategy Advice

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to CFD trading having traded Forex for the past few years but now have limited time to actively monitor the markets due to work commitments. I’m particularly interested in exploring Brent Oil CFDs but am open to other suggestions that might be suitable for my situation.

Given my time constraints, I’m hoping to learn about effective strategies that require minimal screen time yet offer potential trading opportunities. Additionally, I’d appreciate any recommendations on indicators or tools that might be helpful for analyzing trends and making informed decisions.

I’m eager to learn and explore different approaches, so any insights or guidance from experienced traders would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and support!

There are very simple strategies based off daily charts that require only a few minutes of screen time at the end of each business day.

About the simplest is to look at the previous day’s high and low: set a buy just above the high and a sell just below the low with stop-losses for each at about 50% of the day’s range. If either entry order is triggered cancel the other and keep moving the stop-loss to follow price.


Is this a strategy you use Tommor, or is it just an example

I have used it in the past and I have come back to it. It’s a useful supplement to other strategies on different time-frames and markets.

It’s simple but not an ATM. As ever, choosing the exit is critical. There is no need to exit on the same day as entry.

Why not swing trade forex on D1? Swing strategies on D1 could require only a few minutes a day, and the trades could last for months. What’s easier than that?

I must do a bit of manual backtesting when I get a chance

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