Time Difference

Hi I’m from Canada EST zone. Is there anyone from my time zone that deals with broker(s) from New Zealand or Austrailia and has problems because of different time zones? I can’t see any, but I just wanted to make sure.

Hello Dear Gp,

It does not matter in which Time zone you are located and in which your Broker is located as long as they are able to provide 24hrs Customer support.

Also make sure that the broker you are dealing with has an Office in Canada so in case you will need to contact them :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I have been looking at some brokers in Austrailia/New Zealand and thanks for the tip on office in Canada, I never thought of that but it makes sense
Have A Great Day

I don’t think having an office in the same country is a necessity, as they should have 24 hour support anyway.

:0 Now I remember; that’s why I didn’t think it mattered if time zones were different.

I would say that the only obstacle would sometimes be if you had to contact someone or a department which is active from 9 to 5, then being in a different timezone might be a bit of an annoyance, but I would say that would be a rare occurance hopefully.

Having a Office in Canada would mean that you know that Broker is physically present at your location.

Forex trading is not just 24hrs customer support but much more than that.

Being able to conduct seminars in your country by your broker and having many satisfied customers will give you an edge over those who are just located in 1 place as you never know what they do :slight_smile: