Time frame

Would appreciate a little help on time frame.

i know that different market is showing activity at different times, but would appreciate a little baby pip hand holding on this one.

I can only trade (learning mode at this time), after my job is finish, so i can be home at 5-6pm onwards.

My time is Melbourne (AU), which market would be better to trade (intra trading).

If you’re trading in the Asia evening then that puts you in the London timeframe, which is the highest volume portion of the day -especially when it overlaps with NY. You’ll see plenty of action in all the majors and crosses. Some of the more regional Asian and N. American pairs will probably be thin, though.

Thank you for that, appreciate :slight_smile:

Hi, Tom

Here are some details of the forex markets around the world during your evening trading hours.

Let’s say you can trade from 6pm until 10pm. Your time zone (Melbourne, Australia) is AEST = GMT + 10.

So, during your evening trading hours, what time is it in major forex markets?

6pm-10pm — Melbourne GMT+10

5pm-9pm ---- Tokyo GMT+9 (the business day there has ended)

10am-2pm — Europe GMT+2 (forex activity is high)

9am-1pm ---- London GMT+1 (forex activity is high - news often released at 9:30am London time)

4am-8am ---- New York GMT-4 (the business day there has not started)

[B]If you can trade until midnight[/B], Melbourne time, you can participate in the most active 2 hours of the entire 24-hour forex day — 8am-10am New York time. During this period, Europe, Britain, the U.S. and Canada are all active in the market. Altogether, these regions account for 74% of worldwide forex volume, and a large part of that volume occurs in the 8am-10am (New York) time period.

Hope this helps.


Thank You very much Clint it will help a lot :slight_smile: