Time to buy?

I bought CRM, MU, GILD, CELG & EMC last year and now they are all down 15-40%. I havent purchased more shares yet but would now be a good time or should i hold out for another big selloff?

Generally speaking shares that underperfom their index will not be good even in boom periods. Get rid of the -40% guys, cut losses short.

-15% was normal for this years beginning, every share lost around that median point.

A time for buying more is not now.

Why? never scale in into losses, only buy when youre in plus (already earning) never buy in to make up for losses. never ever never ever do that… never. i repeat… never.

Generallly speaking my personal outlook for 2016 for stocks is negative. To much negative things going on, no need to go into details about fundamentals as that would take me like 20 Pages to write.

The technical side is completely engouh for everyone to see that we are at a all time high. Alltime highs means it goes down sooner or later. so prepare for a very volatile year. i dont say it will be crash or whatever bla bla but you must know that once it is at a high it takes much more effort to push it further up then it takes effort to let it go down the hill.

What Turbo says.

TURBOnegro is right for buying more time is not now.