Time, which is the best to trade

I notice that that trading platforms have various time frames, I am currently using 1 minute on the Oanda demo. Which is the best trading time? I use larger time frames greater than 15 minute for analyses.

The best time-frame to trade is the one that most suits the rules of your strategy.

That said, technical analysis is generally held to be more reliable on longer time-frames than the shorter ones, anything above 4hrs. Likewise, most traders would say that trading off 1-minute charts is just gambling, i.e. on a slot machine or rouoltte wheel.

Most TA is derived from studies and research of D1 charts so using these would get you closest to the theoretical performances of various patterns, entry signals etc.

To be honest, the daily TF is the most profitable for swing trend traders who normally let their trades run for more than a day. However, for most newbies, that’s not exciting enough, and I would suggest a reasonable compromise is daily trading the 1h chart.

Best of luck.

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I guess you are a newbie; then you should use the higher time frames to understand the market trend like Daily or H4!

There is no “best” timeframe.

You just need a chart that lets you follow your strategy.

If you trade long term… and hold your positions for 2 months… a one minute chart is useless

If you open trades based on intraday chart patterns… a daily chart Will not let you see them

As a new trader don’t use such kind of low time frame since it’s too volatile & you’ll find tons of fake setups in there!

it really depends on your strategy. 1H and 4H is common for a longer trade while shorter time frame like 15M is for scalping strategy which involve rapid trading in short amount of time. 1M is definitely too fast for trading those and i do sugggest you should use longer time frame to have a clearer view of the market movement and trend

Please don’t mind, 15min is not a big time frame; it’s such a small time frame! Try to use daily or 4 hours time frame!

Every time frame and instrument has an own specification, so you have to recognize this specification and then build strategies.

If you got an inquisitive mind you look at all the time frames from month to 5 minutes

If you’re a beginner it’s better to look at the longer time frames.

If you want to be a swing trader then surely big time frames are good! I must say, one minute time frame is such a small time frame! So, don’t rely on the data of 1 minute chart!

Nobody can give you an answer to this question. It’s all part and parcel of forming a strategy. What is your time availability, attention span, trading style etc etc.

There’s a lesson here on this particular subject:

Here’s the chart they have:

It is determined by your trading strategy. As a result, it is preferable to examine your trading strategy and determine the appropriate response.

Actually, time frame depends on your trading system; if you do scalping trading then surely use the lower time frame like 15m, 30m time frames! But if you use swing trading then use the higher time frames!

My 1M chart, which I really enjoy using.