Time Zones

I live in NZ and very new to this…is there anyone from NZ following Cowabunga’s system (or any other system) who can tell mw how to convert EST to best trading times in NZ? What are the best times for trading on the session overlaps? It would be great to hear from a fellow NZer!

Haeri mai!

Try here: Forex Market Hours

I have attached a picture of when the markets open and close according to the NZ timezone. You can see the overlapping market hours. Please note that all of these times are based off of the NZ timezone.

This is where I got that from:
Forex Market Hours - Forex Market Time Converter

Don’t feel bad.
For some reason time math gets me to. Base 24 or 12 math just does not compute in my head:rolleyes: I made my self a spread sheet. :wink:

Another easy thing to do is type “time London” or “time New York” in the google search bar. that returns the current time at the location you enter in 12 hr am/pm format.

Thanks so much for that…a simple converter!! Haere Mai to you too!