Timeline of China's Crypto Ban by Quartz

Good to understand China’s history with banning crypto when reading and reacting to crypto news and analysis. While recent changes in regulations are some of the most heavy-handed and restrictive, it’s not completely surprising. The writing has been on the wall.

Fall 2013

  • China bans banks from handling bitcoin transactions, calling it a “virtual good” and not legal tender.
  • BTC China, the country’s largest bitcoin exchange, stops taking deposits in yuan under pressure from payment processors and the government.

Winter 2017

  • Amid a crypto boom, China says it is investigating market manipulation and money laundering through bitcoin.

Fall 2017

Fall 2019

  • China considers eliminating crypto mining but eventually declines to act.

Spring 2021

They’re going to ban it again in 2022, probably. :joy:

And the market will react, and then another ban, and rinse and repeat. It’s getting a bit silly.

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