Tiny introduction and why I joined baby pips

Hello everyone,
I go by Agent_31. I am somewhat new but not quite. I have been trading for the better part of this year but, yes, I blew an account here and there and everywhere else so I need to learn more, that is why I am here.

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I advise you to start watching the trading of professionals.

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you decided to join, this site can probably help you figure out what’s going on and turn things around. Good luck!

Thank you!

Watching the trading of professionals on YouTube or?

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Professional traders now have telegram channels, I advise you to subscribe to them and analyze.

Hello and welcome to BP. First of all congrats for making a decision to learn👏 Hope you have already joined the school of pipsology 🧑‍🎓 Happy learning and all the best for your journey ahead👍

@Agent_31 Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
What were your educational sources earlier? Did you take up any course or read some books?

Hey Jannick,
Earlier I started reading Japanese Candlestick patters and checking out how to trade trendlines with a few people I know. Recently though someone recommended I start with babypips.

Thank you Ribspiece.
Just out of curiosity do you guys know about institutional trading and technical analysis and how I can jump on that quickly. I joined the school of pipsology but the first few lesson which cover the basics, I know most of those things. Should I just follow the lessons and take my time or should I jump to what I think I need to know?
Are there more resources I can look into that you can suggest?

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@Agent_31 Well, you need to get some experience of retail trading before jumping into institutional trading. Or are you looking for those prop firm challenges with funded accounts? And you can jump to Elementary school for learning technical analysis.
It is perfectly fine to skip lessons if you already know them. Just make sure you don’t miss something in between :blush:

I am thinking of learning both really. I will check out elementary pips and at some point I think I will get a prop firm account. I started watching some videos on YouTube on Institutional trading and I thought they were reaply enjoyable. I have watched some on retail trading(support and resistance, trendlines, candlesticks and patterns) and though I really enjoyed these as well, the explanation in institutional trading was really something. I am going to learn both though from the basics to get the gist of each.
Thanks for your help.

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@Agent_31 You are most welcome and I am glad you have decided to learn both. All the best buddy :+1:

Hi, most welcome to BP! That’s alright, we all have lows and downs in this market. It is how you learn to make bolder moves. Good luck!