Tips and Suggestions

Good Day Fellow Traders, just wanted to pass some knowledge that I have obtained from various traders. The first tip that I learned is to learn the values of Pips, which is equivalent $0.10. The second thing to learn the 8 main currencies, as well as the markets they reside in. As a beginner try using the demo mode of live trading markets to see measure of knowledge such as when to trade, buy and sell. For myself, I find it easier to begin in the smallest market which is the Sydney market. If anyone else wants a brief crash course I have a suggested Youtuber and trader Ashleta Rose. Have a great day of Trading traders :hugs::blush:.

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A pip can be more or less depending on the lot size you’re using.
Maybe hop on the School Of Pipsology here to understand how pip value can change, and the importance of using a Pip Value Calculator like this one here:

Thanks. Learning about it now :blush: