Tips and Suggestions

Good Day Fellow Traders, just wanted to pass some knowledge that I have obtained from various traders. The first tip that I learned is to learn the values of Pips, which is equivalent $0.10. The second thing to learn the 8 main currencies, as well as the markets they reside in. As a beginner try using the demo mode of live trading markets to see measure of knowledge such as when to trade, buy and sell. For myself, I find it easier to begin in the smallest market which is the Sydney market. If anyone else wants a brief crash course I have a suggested Youtuber and trader Ashleta Rose. Have a great day of Trading traders :hugs::blush:.

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A pip can be more or less depending on the lot size youโ€™re using.
Maybe hop on the School Of Pipsology here to understand how pip value can change, and the importance of using a Pip Value Calculator like this one here:

Thanks. Learning about it now :blush: