Tips to learn forex for beginners

Hello everyone. Here are some trading tips that would help beginner to de-tangle the jumbled road of trading world.


all trading tips are very common but really effective , i like most the point ‘’ learn from your mistake " if anyone can follow this tagline he or she can be benefited not only Forex but also in real life.

Good points! The points seem quite simple yet these are some mistakes beginners commit. If we take proper note of these, we can surely excel.

its a really good message for the traders who particularly newcomers. newcomers generally do some of common mistake , actually they always try to bring more profit with very short time, that is not possible in practical.

Thanks for sharing!

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the beginners always try to bring profit by using leverage ratio , but they loss ultimately. leverage is very risky and without money management it could be dangerous.

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Beginners should try demo account to learn all the basics of forex before entering into the risky market.

Apart from these, a trader needs to control his emotions. Reacting to a loss by opening revenge trade is very common among traders. Fear of losing opportunity is another psychological problem. Open too many trades or big lots is associated with greed. Without controlling these survive in the market is not possible.

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Here are some top Forex tips, which will help you reduce your risk regardless of whether you are a beginner :

  1. Educate yourself about Forex risk and trading by the help of many educational
    forum or website like as babypips,forexfactory,earnforex,myfxbook,mfxcenter etc.
  2. Use a stop loss
  3. Use a take profit to secure your profits
  4. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose
  5. Limit your use of leverage
  6. Have realistic profit expectations
  7. Have a Forex trading plan
  8. Prepare for the worst
  9. Control your emotions
  10. Diversify your Forex portfolio

As a beginner trader, you first need to learn demo trading. Demo trading is very important to know the basics. Trading is a very risky business. And if you want to survive in this risky business, you have to trade with proper knowledge. There are many strategies in trading, you have to trade by combining all the strategies. Such as Good Strategy, Money Management, Risk Management, Trading Discipline, Trading Plan, etc. As a new trader, if you do not follow this strategy, you will never become a successful trader.

Yes, that’s absolutely correct. One should start simple and stick to the basics. Gradually you learn and understand the tricks. No one should be using any trading short cut without actually deriving it on their own. Any existing trick might have been functional for them, but may not be functional for you. So always learn from your own experience.

You are most welcome!

Very useful pointers.

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It is a crucial thing to check what training the broker offers when you are choosing a platform for trading. This approach will allow you to save a lot of time and avoid many mistakes. Recently, brokers offer video tutorials, and they greatly simplify the life of a beginner. I am from the USA, It’s a pity we do not have access to many platforms.

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I have been trading for a long time. I have seen many traders who have not been able to make a profit by trading for many years because their discipline is not good. It is not possible to trade with stop loss and good strategy because you also need to know about money management and risk rewards. If a trader’s risk-reward is not good, he will never be able to make a profit no matter how good the strategy is.

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These are the good points. Thank you for sharing

This is another section of trading tips. Keeping an eye on your greed, accepting your loss, and trading just a little above from your comfort zone, all these factors combined works the best.

Point number 2 is really very important.

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Yes trading skills and capital management skills both work together to become a successful trader.

Generally, MT4 is a widely used trading platform. Apart from it, MT5, act trader, c trader and platforms designed by the brokers itself are also used by traders. According to my opinion, i prefer trading on universal trading platforms other than any broker specific trading platform. The reason is broker specific creation might have hidden plugins which hinder your trading results. But if one is comfortable using such platforms its good for them.

But I would definitely favour MT4 and MT5 or at most act trader over any other trading platforms.