Tips to make pc run faster

hey guys

I’m been trading the 15m frame for a while now and is fairly successfull.My system has a fair accuracy rate but the problem is i get so damn few signals.I’d like to get my hands dirty every day.

I’ve been watching this scalping system that seems to work well there is just one problem my pc is too slow to trade the 1m frame and i don’t have anything that works well on the 5m frame though i hope the system i’m going to buy next month works as well on the 5m frame as the creators claim otherwise i’m stuck on the 15m frame which is fine for some people but not for me.

Is there any tips you can give me to make my pc run any faster.i don’t watch porn don’t pirate anything don’t install and uninstall programes left and right don’t have any fancy fonts i’m using a award winning pc maintenance program i’m using a award winning anti spyware/anti virus which is free and is called spyware terminator if you’re intrested.What else can i do?..and i have a fresh copy of windows

If i have to i’ll trade the 15m frame but i’m a scalper at heart and i seem to have a good scalping system but anything sort of buying a new pc what tips can you give me for a faster pc?

Faster than what? What are you running?

Operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Win7, other?)

CPU specs (single-core, dual-core, clock speed, cache memory, FSB speed)?


Hard drive (capacity and free-space)?

Internet connection (DSL, FiOS, other?) and actual download/upload speeds?

Have you done a de-frag of your hard drive recently? Did you take note of the free-space percentage on your C-drive (reported as part of your de-frag results)? If less than 50% of your C-drive capacity is free-space, this could be part of your problem.

Have you checked your actual internet speed? Even a fast computer can be starved for data with a slow internet connection.
There are several websites where you can check your actual speed, down and up. I use Speakeasy — Speakeasy - Speed Test

If you can furnish more information, I’m sure there are real experts here who can help you.

Pretty much what Clint said.

I’m guessing your looking at the THV system that is slowing your computer but I could wrong there are a lot of scalping systems out there.

Post up your current stats of your computer and I’ll try to help you out.

I just built a new trading computer myself, AMD tri-core 16gbs of ram for about $600.

If your computer too old you may want to just replace it.

Or put Linux on it :wink: but no, it will run well, but it will still probably struggle running MT4.

I’ve always said I’ve wanted to check out new distributions of Linux since I haven’t played around with it in years but I never get around to it :confused:

hey guys

I have a 2.2 ghz celeron

1 gig ram

3 mb 3g connection

My c drive have a 11 gig unused it is a 15gig hard drive.

I use smart defrag and defrag my pc almost dailly.But here is what is intresting my internet connection is really fast when serving the net.I have no problem serving the internet but my meta trader is slow when i switch to a 1m frame.

I’m not sure there is anything that can be done because i use a good pc maintenance program that cleans my registry defram my hard drive the whole 9 yards and i don’t pirate anything.If it was a slow pc then i would just leave it at that and save for a new one.

But my internet speed is fast it boots real fast it opens stuff real fast but i can’t trade the 1m frame.It is a couple of years old …i quess it would be best to start saving for a new one and trade a duffrent system until i get my new pc.

Linux has really come into it’s own over the last twelve months, I use Kubuntu, it’s great.

  • set sound scheme to no sounds (ie: no sounds when pc boots, you stil get sound when u play anything which requires audio)

  • turn off screensaver

  • turn off any hibernation, disk, monitor turning off options

  • have no background pics etc (just blank screen)

  • turn of help & support (in services)

  • check in services and turn off all sevices non-essential (u don;t need as above ie: help and support)

  • go to msconfig and turn off anything on bootup NOT required
    on essential

  • run a disk cleanup\defrag once a month

basically switch off everything non-essential, not required, most of it is useless anyway!

Thanks chostjpy this is excatly what i was looking for.It will take a couple of minutes to figure some of your suggestions out but hopefully it will give me the boost of speed i need

Try running MT4 with no indicators and see if it still runs doggie with the 1m &5m charts. I found some of the custom indicators slowed down my MT4 platform, especially on the shorter time frame 1m and 5m charts. I’ve had a few indicators just dog down the platform when removed the platform ran much quicker and the problem stopped. It might not be your computer, could be MT4 getting bogged down, I don’t know if this will help but it might be worth a try.

Good luck!

edit + added: [I]If you do find MT4 runs better without any indicators, then try adding back your preferred indicators one at a time and try the platform after you’ve added each one. You’ll eventually find the one that’s causing the problem.
Looking at the specs on your computer, I would gamble and bet 2 pips that it’s a MT4 problem and not your computer.[/I] :slight_smile:

The one thing that doesnt seem to add up is you said your PC is only 2 years old, but you have a 15 GB hardrive that doesnt really sound right, 15GB hardrives have been out of date for many years, 2 year old PCs would come with a hardrive of at least 75 GB or more.

But anyways is that a duel core celeron ? If it is you should really be having no problems, even a 2.2Ghz single core should be able to handle mt4. Which operating system do you have ?
If it is a single core and only two years old I am guessing you are running Windows Vista, If you are running Vista, you need to increase your RAM to 2 GB.
Vista uses nearly all your 1GB of RAM just to run leaving very little for other programs.
Also if you care to take it on, you can probably upgrade your processor fairly cheaply.
To do this takes a little research, you need to identify your motherboard using the free app “cpuz” then look up which processors it is capable of supporting, you will probaby find you can get a faster processor for that motherboard on Ebay.
You will find processors a few years out of date are almost givaways on Ebay.

I did this to a laptop it had an AMD 1.6 Ghz duel core and 1 GB RAM it was kinda sluggish.
I got a 2.4 Ghz version of the same proicessor on Ebay for $35 and 2GB RAM for $40, the laptop now runs multiple apps at the same time smoothly.

i have a single core 2.2 ghz.I’m not sure but yes i do think that it’s windows vista.Maybe i can get a dual core cpu will look into it.But my pc has a histoy of being slow.Games i played when i bought it won’t run 5m now without dragging.

At least since i got my pc maintenace program which is really good the larger timeframes runs a lot smoother and i don’t have to restart the pc every other 20m.I will let a tecnicican have a look and tell me if this junk is worth upgrading or maybe it should go straight to the rubbish bin.Will figure out ghostjpy suggestions after that i did everything i could from the software piont of view.

Drop vista for windows 7 IMO, it’s much much better.

Drop a few more gigs of Ram and get a bigger hard drive.

I second the thought that a 15 gig hard drive is too small. Is it a solid state hard drive by any chance?

If not, look at an upgrade, hard drives are dirt cheap.

3g connection, are you tethering through your phone?

If its Vista you definately need more RAM, Vista computers should never have been shipped with less than 2GB RAM. Vista needs that much RAM to run itself and have some left for other programs to use. This is most likely to be the main cause of your problem.

You wont be able to replace your single core processor with a duel core, unless the motherboard supports both single and duel core which is unlikely.
What you may be able to do is replace it with a faster single core processor of the same type.

Also make sure you have the latest updates for windows vista.

You can do this every time you run MT4, this will make it even faster!
go to task manager, find “terminal.exe”, right click then set priority to high and tarraaaaa
but you have to do it every time you run MT4.

download ‘ccleaner’ & ‘defraggler’ from here …

Piriform - Download CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy - Millions of users worldwide!

those are all free programs & will clean up your system quite well.

Also, turn your computer settings into ‘optimal for performance’ over graphics.

Your computer should have the ‘block’ look from windows 95’, that will free up system resources.

also run Google chrome for your browser as it uses the least amount of ram out of all the browsers.

at the very least, go to and pick up a couple gigs of ram.

I was going to suggest linux with wine in it or with a Vbox (or both) as ultimate cure for ALL your hardware, software and user problems… but this is the newbie section so I wont. With your specs there is no way you could be having major problems buddy.

P2LXB i440 Superpower 1998 PIII 355Mhz 128+128+64Mb! 4GB+6GB DVDW+ floppy usbx2 TV/FMcard Trident 128mbVGA tell me how can it be worse
Puppylinux Wine MT4 MSOffice VLC Nero Firefox(with flashget)
3g Broadband Tis Africa y’know

one more thing I would add to this list is to go to:

control panel>System>Advanced>Performance>Settings>: and select “Adjust for best performance”

what this does is turn off all that fancy animation and graphic heavy processes… this is for win xp, don’t know if theres a similar option in vista or 7