To create a better future for my family

My name is Isaac and am from Ghana. Ave grown so much love for forex for sometime. I come from a poor family where live is difficult. Ave made some mistakes in my life due to poverty. I want to make life better for myself and my family. I don’t want them to make the same mistake or similar due to financial difficulties. Forex trading can help my dream come true. I will strive hard to become a successful trader to make life at least a little bit easier for myself, my children to come and my family at large


Welcome aboard, but you need to focus your mindset on learning how not to lose money - which is learning how to trade properly and proficiently, and letting any rewards take care of themselves. There is no short cut to eventual success.

A pro trader friend advises newbies to always trade ‘percentages’ instead of ‘dollars’. Winning or losing 5% can be shrugged off, but winning or losing $50 causes a reaction. This advice is known as emotional control management.

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Save money, become confident in your trading with proven results and then go for a prop firm like FTMO or My Forex Funds. There you have all the capital you will need, so focus on building solid trading skills.

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Focus on learning! Backtest the system you create / study for as long as possible to see its profitability in different market conditions. These two will provide the confidence you need to succeed. Don’t trust anyone’s words without testing yourself. Don’t even think of going live in the first few months, otherwise your finanacial situation will become worsen day by day.

Focus on learning. You are entering one of the most competitive and ruthless businesses in the world.

I can understand what you are going through. But if your financial conditions are not good, I don’t think you should trade forex. It is a difficult career to make money and you will have to put your money at risk. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make money or not. So, better take up some job that will pay you regularly and learn forex trading in your free time.

The only problem is only 1 from 200 passes their challenges and gets funded. This is from the own statistics they are publishing

Nothing ventured nothing.gained
Good luck.mate

Then it means your trading skills are not good enough. Either find out how or save and do it your own way.

This is from MMF statistics that they publish every month. It’s not about skill. 8% in a month is luck

Trading is not about luck. This is not a playground.

I was also inspired to start trading for my family, I wish you the very best of luck :heart:

Wishing you lots of luck, patience, and determination! :muscle:

Hey, welcome to the community! I hope that you become successful at getting your family out of poverty. As you plan to do that with forex trading, a lot of hard work needs to be done. If you stay true to your learning, you will be able to make great profits over years. It might take some time for results to show up but if you keep patience, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want to.