To Great Achievement

Hi yall this is Marcus all the way from South Africa. It just feels so good to be associated with people who have the same goal as you. Attaining financial freedom through forex. I have always had an interest somehow in forex. But like many did not have the guts.

But one day l decided to give it a try and realised its just not about making money. It helps you mentally and physically. You just don’t do things without thought.

I am expecting to make as much profits and also invest in other platforms to better my life and that of my family. I feel privileged even before starting. Am already excited.

Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: start from the education section and good luck. Regards Greg

Interesting. How does it help physically?

Nice post. I know you’re very new to trading but there are some good points here which many new traders don’t reach until much later. You may be able to build on them.

“financial freedom” - A good goal. Trading is NOT about getting a Ferrari and having a private jet on stand-by.

“helps you mentally and physically” - Trading demands you have a clear mind and a decisive attitude. Mental strengths are very much affected by physical well-being. Stay healthy.

“You just don’t do things without thought” - The place where all the stress and hard work should occur is in the planning, testing and demo trading. Only use real money when you know what the result is going to be.


Welcome Marcus! It’s gonna be a long journey Good luck and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.

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I do apologise for the late response.


I try to predict daily stock market movements of German DAX Naqd100 ETC, currencies, shares using the SVM. As input features in want to take the daily changes of several stock markets. The problem is that different stock markets have different holidays which results in missing data (on trading days of the DAX). I get the data from Yahoo Finance. For example the S&P500 has similar trading days as the DAX with just a few days missing (1-2 days in a row).

The trading days of SSE composite vary more significantly from the ones of the European markets, sometimes 5 days in a row are missing.

Studies use different approaches on that topic. Some take the linear interpolated data between two trading days. This seems problematic because in reality, investors do not have these informations of market trends when the SSE is closed. Other studies remove the missing data with the changes of the previous day. Here a sequence of days would have the same values which could cause difficulties.

What would you recommend to deal with this issue? Should I remove all data, where at least one stock market is missing, from the training and test set (~8% of data set) and use the changes to the previous trading day of every individual stock markets?

It is said that derivatives trading operation are very risky. Can anybody suggest reading material addressing the historical issues and challenges faced in derivatives trading and managing their risk. I have to compile a report regarding previous historical issues and challenges faced , and what we have learnt from such challenges?

I am conducting research on a stock trading app. I need technical guidance from someone who deals with stock trading. Need to make the questionnaires for the survey.

specifications i need regarding the stock trading app as these apps almost have the same features but user-friendliness and the extent of data visibility are important in the stock app.

The four strategic planning steps for SMEs are: network op-timization by designing the least cost network focusing on customer demand; network simulation by testing alternative models to predict supply chain behavior; policy optimization by developing the best operating rules; and robust-ness designing by anticipating unforeseen circumstances and possibilities.

The strategic supply chain planning in SME is considered the responsibility of top management or of the owner and is

done only for short term. Planning processes vary among SMEs with respect to a few key variables: past success, planning efforts, current operating results, top management

or owner’s attitude, values, aspirations and desires towards change.

Where do you get your signals

Thanks for that. Its good to stay in touch with traders through Babypips.

Welcome mate, good luck with your journey