To Honour the Dissidents

In these days when people are having their lives destroyed, being de-platformed, accused of being “phobes” and “ists”, of “Hate speech” and even visited by the Police for “wrong-think” and having “Thought non-crimes” registered on their criminal records, (here in the uk - search Harry Miller on yu tub)

This thoughtful and erudite person hes been de-monetised - but the - platform is unable to tell him why !

This is despite the fact that he has 962 THOUSAND Subscribers who value his contributions and WANT to hear what he has to say !

with the world in such a weird Place at the moment

It is perhaps time to reflect on where the word is going and whether we in the “West” are really prepared to accept this direction ?

I would say that the ‘direction’ is more English than Western as a whole.

In N.I. the police tried the ‘in your face’ attitude for some years.

Thankfully that is in the past - people refused to accept their rights being trampled on.

I read with horror how English police on last Mother’s day were using drones to photograph people out walking - last time I read police use of drones in 2020 was in China.

Other English police tweeted triumphantly how they fined families for being together in their family car.

Then there is facial recognition technology being tested by forces.

Oh - and what happened to the right to remain silent?

This week it cost a lady from York, England £660.00 in fines because she ‘didn’t engage with police’ when they approached her for ‘loitering’ on a train platform (probably waiting for a train).

Pity really, often common sense flies out the window.

Do you have a link to that one @peterma ? I’m surprised the police had teh power to issue such a large “on the spot fine” - or that the Courts would do so without other circumstances !

However I am disturbed - we have seen how police act in a Police state and how they act in a “civilised” state - but never how they act when “civilised” turns to “police state” overnight.

Please watch this to the end mate - I thinkit might cast some light on one potential future. It also answers a BIG Question which has always puzzled me - ie why didn’t the Poles, Jews, Gypsies and Freemasons in teh “Camps” turn and attack the Guards when they were to be exterminated - which they would have been aware of ?