To the infinite and beyond


I would like to keep a record of my trades and share with you guys here. Not sure if this is the right section for the purpose, feel free to move it if that is the case.

I only trade EURUSD and use only daily charts. Pretty simple setup to make a decision in terms of indicators (HMA and SMI). Spent about three months in demo mode and opened recently a live account with a very small amount.

I will start with a mistake from yesterday.

Opened a long position at 1.0830 when in fact it was a bit early. Trend up was only significant today (its around 1.0860 as I write). Nonetheless I haven’t closed the position and will post back when I close it with the respective P/L.

So, first record: Long @ EURUSD 1.0830 11.05.2020

Closed long @ EURSUD 1.0830 - 1.08719 (+41 pips)


It’s a good day to be bullish on EUR. I’ve seen some good movements on EUR/USD & EUR/JPY.

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Time to check some charts then! Tnx for the heads up! :pray:

Long @ EURUSD 1.0856 12.05.2020

closed long @ EURUSD 1.0856 - 1.0876 (+20 pips)

open long @ EURUSD 1.0859

bit of a roller coaster (its been like this for a few days now)

closed long @ EURUSD 1.0859 - 1.0802 (-57 pips)

what happened here? the pair took a serious hit down, while I thought that the .8500 area would serve as support and then bounced up :slight_smile: happened the exactly opposite lol and at this point it still seems bearish for the day wont do nothing for now and wait for a more clear trend to form