To The Site's Moderator

I find it very disturbing when people who are not even part of this forum can easily see the data and the information of any registered user. This happened to me lately and I’m very annoyed by this fact. My Picture’s been taken and misused and the information as well.

Please fix this bug, unregistered people can’t just go around and see anybody’s profile at will. I’m very disappointed.

You are a little sensitive. Wait, very sensitive. If you don’t want random people to see it then don’t put it on the internet. What’s to stop non-registered people from registering and doing the same exact thing…? lol just sayin…

Hello GicaEric,

Thanks for your feedback. We’re actually a bit surprised at it, as we haven’t come across any issues such as yours regarding our Forum policy that I can remember. The very nature of most forums is to be a free and public place to share your experiences or read about others. We’ve followed this convention since our start in 2006 for anyone with an Internet connection and a web browser. What you’re experiencing is not a bug, but actually expected behavior as far as privacy is concerned on these forums. As you’ve most likely determined, a registered account gets you the added benefit of all the bells and whistles of the forums, but complete anonymity from unregistered users is not one. We’ve always had in place the ability to lock down certain parts of your profile screen using the Profile Privacy settings in UserCP, but new threads and replies are viewable by all (nothing new here). In our experience, this is no different than how most other forums operate.

Any data that could have been used would have been submitted/added by you, and again, by the very nature of our forums, made public by you. May I ask what information was misused? Was the information from a post or perhaps something on your profile page?

We’re terribly sorry that some classless person has used your picture and information inappropriately, but again, there is no way for us to keep those things from happening (short of removing avatars all together) without completely altering our idea of what a forum should represent. If this misuse happened on our website, please provide us details so we can investigate.

Let me know your thoughts. Feel free to PM me or send an email to support(at)