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So I got really stupid and bought Tom’s EA (3 month lease). This seems like a different approach to automated trading so its a shot in the dark. He offers a 60 day refund policy so i may take advantage if the profits are not there. You can follow the EA trades on my account at IBFX connect, user name: jacky4566 anything before Nov 3 is chump change and my attempt to trade with 50$

you listed your username but not your password

Why would i post my password? look for the traders button at the top and then search for my name. all my stats are open so you can view my profits. Remember that i started the EA with the deposit of a 1000$

Ok…sorry…I didn’t realize how IBFX connect worked. So contrary to what many are reporting, and if I read your stats correctly, your overall results are not profitable with Tom’s EA? (-6.93%) Will you dump the lease and get your money back?

No no your reading the data wrong. My stats are off because of previous loses but so far iv gained about 1% which is not ideal but still profit. The EA like to hold position that are loosing so the portfolio always has a downward outlook but if you look at the monthly profit they are in the positive. I started the EA on Nov 2.

The stats on IBFXconnect show a current monthly gain of .49%. Is this entirely from Tom’s EA or are there other EA’s performance included in this figure? What risk setting are you using? Which pairs?

I know the stats are off. I was trading personally on this account before toms EA so the stats will be off for the 1st thus messing up the rest of them for the monthly stat. Im using toms EA as per the requirements of 400:1 leverage on EUR/USD and a risk setting of 2.

When i started Toms EA my balance was 1033 and now its 1048.40 with the current pulldown to an equity of 1042.41 (about 0.6%)

I know its a bit confusing. But iv been letting the EA do all the trades since the second so its been doing profitable. Mind you the cost of 100$ is probably not going to get recouped this month but still profitable.

Tom’s EA is working amazing well for my demo account. It has made over $200 using a $1000 demo balance. I’m seriously thinking about buying this ea. It hasn’t failed all month with Euro USD having strong up swings and down swings, it managed to stay profitable. I have never had an EA that has successfully delivered profits like this EA has. I’m impressed. :slight_smile: :57:

So after the first month of live trading using tom’s recommended settings i have made 3.4% profits. Not bad for an EA but it doesn’t cover the cost of the program. Think next month i will increase the risk setting.

Hi, if anyone is interested, I am running a few accounts with Tom’sEA.

This one is a LIVE (not demo), 5k, 4 pairs, Risk Level 2 on every pair. The total risk is Levl 8 (4x2) so it is well above the recommended level (Level 2). I was, however, very impressed with the results so far even with the wild swings of EURUSD. My DD was 16% max at the worse.

I started trading that account on 9th November

Link to follow

In the last few days I have also started running SmartFX EAs on the same account so if you want the true performance of Tom’s EA only, please use TAGS as all trades are tagged to the correct EA (dont know how to use magic numbers yet!)

I am also running a DEMO account, 10k start, 7 pairs, all running at level 3 (total risk level 21!) This is a very high risk (the developer recommends a max risk of 8) but I am doing it to evaluate worse case scenario.

Link to follow

In my opinion, this is a very good EA with some potential weakness (it is a Martingale after all!) The potential weakness could be if it gets caught out by a strong trend. Having said that, it has done quiet well on recent swings.
I think it does need at least 5k in the account, to give room for the martingale strategy. I feel a small account will be wiped out at the first european sneeze!

There are many others runnig Tom’s on MyFxBook,both live and demos and Dustin (the seller, not the developer) has recently become active on the forum there.

Hope it helps
Hope it helps

Posting the links separately as BP did not allow me earlier (not enough posts)

Live account

Demo Account

I forgot to mention that the demo account has also several EAs used from the past. PLease use the TAG facility to select only Tom’s EA. (the other EAs are rubbish)

The developers are also running a live account
Tom’sEa WPFX LIVE System | Myfxbook

and here you will find a forum with some info.

hope it helps.