Too many open charts on MT4

Is having too many charts open on MT4 bad for execution speed? I have 20 charts open which I flip through every few minutes hunting for trends. I am using a very powerful computer with a very fast network connection.

Shouldn’t make any difference at all.

Please let me know if you encounter any hick-ups or bugs with 20 charts open.

I’m currently working with cAlgo/cTrader and this is a major bug of cAlgo: it abuses memory: with 12 charts open it exceeds about 1 Gb of memory.

Might be reason enough for me to switch to MT4.

Nothing will happen. You can open any number of charts. But it is hard to moving between charts.

Thanks. Great to know that. Yes it could difficult to move through them at times, but I have them grouped in a certain way that makes it easy for me.


Can anyone help me with this issue MQL5 is useless…

Problem description…I have a profile with 84 charts open, once I begin using the profile the MT4 platform shuts down giving this message; “MetaTrader has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.” I know my computer is capable of performing this. The Platform works fine on a profile with 54 charts

Sequence of action…Open 84 charts on one profile, try switching time frames or using other parts of the platform, may work for a short period but always ends up shutting down

I know I have had an MT4 in the past where I was able to have 84 charts opened
*On the same PC, with the same hardware, software? In any case 84 opened charts, it’s too much. The Client Terminal can operate under Microsoft Windows XP (SP3)/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10. A processor that supports SSE2 instruction sets is required for operating as well. Other hardware requirements depend on terms of using the terminal – load from running MQL4 applications, number of active instruments and charts, etc.

137550 2017.02.09 14:58
No i’m sure 84 charts is possible, I’ve done it before on the same system. I’m running windows 10, i5 core INTEL processor, 16 GB RAM.
Support Team 2017.02.10 12:13
I’ve done it before on the same system.
For the same hardware, software? With the same EA’s, indicators on the charts?

137550 2017.02.11 04:37
Well no not exactly. I have same indicators I’ve always used, but a different profile set-up, but yes same computer. Anyway I believe I have found a solution if I right click on the MT4 program, go to properties, run the program in compatibility mode, and put the MT4 program in service pack Vista, the MT4 runs almost fine, however when I try to save a screen shot the same issue occurs MT4 shuts down. Perhaps this could offer clues to the large problem at hand. Any suggestions if this appears to be a compatibility issue?
Support Team 2017.02.13 08:49
We don’t recommend to use 84 charts. In summary, it does not make sense.
137550 2017.02.14 03:17
well how many do you recommend?

Why do you want 84 charts open?
I have 1 open at a time, it only takes a second to click another open if I want it

I have had way more than 20 chart tabs open on MT4, I have never experienced any issues in that regard.

In general the that should not affect your execution speed directly. I mean once your trade is submitted and sent from your terminal to the broker’s server it doesn’t matter what happens on your terminal. However having too many open charts may slow the performance/speed of your computer, resulting in delay during the submitting the trades which may eventually cause some mismatches, for example if your connection is slowed because the program is overloading your computer you might see the pricing with some differences (and we all know how the price can change even in milliseconds). So when you click on buy/sell at the price that is displayed on your screen this might not be the exact same current price on the market.
Anyways I am not an IT specialist, so that is just my perspective :slight_smile:

Just to share some info I got from a friend of mine that is an IT guy.
The problem here might be in the RAM usage of the MT4 application. As it is a 32 bit program it may only use up to 4 GB RAM per running application, so when it exceeds those 4 GB RAM it forces a close. In other words it doesn’t matter whether you have 8, 16 or 32 RAM as MT4 can only use 4 of them at a time. So you could check your Task Manager to see how the usage changes when you open more charts and if that is the case you could try to split those 84 charts into 2 MT4 platforms (simply make a new installation in other path) with 42 charts each.
I hope this info would help you.
Please share some feedback once you try this or anything else :slight_smile:

I think that people asking for a piece of advice in 2014, had enough time to find the answer to it :slight_smile:
But yes, if you have many charts opened, it’s hard to switch between them quickly

84 opened charts is way too much. Sure, it will not affect the execution speed but it could affect the performance of the computer and will definitely slow down the platform. You won’t be able to react adequately while trading and this could cause some losses.

All of professional Forex traders may follow this way! In addition, I use almost 10 trading pairs in my live trading! That’s way, I need to use multiple PC for my trading purpose! On the other hand, I mainly use 4 time frames in my chart and those are Weekly, daily, H4 and H1! So, in a time I open all of 4 time frames in my live trading chart!

Oh man you are absolutely right! I didn’t notice the date of the first comment, so it’s my bad :frowning:

Well, to be fair, the thread was bumped yesterday by a new member asking a related question in his first post (which is fair enough)? :wink:

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I think open too many chart or pair on one platform it will need more bandwith on computer and platform might being low responding, I am also ever trying using complicated indicator which before when open trades is easy but when using these indicator making low respond and disturb trading activity, so now I am not use heavy indicator anymore

Thanks for the backing up lexys :stuck_out_tongue:
I believe I got confused exactly because it was in the “Today’s Posts” when I commented. However I also agree with mlawson71 that paying attention on the small details is always crucial, and I don’t mean just in the forum :slight_smile: