Too old to become a trader?

go ahead and post your age so we can gauge where everyone is on their the question for this thread is realy simple…

how old are you?

all my students under 25 stuggled with their egos and entitlement to the knowledge. so i seek people 25 and over but now im trying to establish a ceiling but im not sure since ive had people in their 50s become valuable assets.

My age 24yrs old

i think age is not a big deal in this trading place , traders can bring good amount of profit by using knowledge and experience.

i have passed a long time in there but still surviving in there.

Born 10 yrs after VJ day - but your question is the wrong way round.

When you think of a person’s age think not in terms of ‘old’, or in numbers of years, rather think in the sphere of experience.

In this dimension your ceiling becomes your floor - the greater it’s depth the more you can rely on it.

Think outside your box.



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To be honest, I am not interested to share my personal data here! And honestly, it’s not too late to join here!

its okay , keep your privacy safe and sounds . its your personal issue

I’m 27! I don’t think anyone is every too young to start learning (maybe too young to invest but not to practice on demo) or too old to start. A lot of people start to think about trading once they start thinking about retirement.

Oh come on what on earth does age have to do with trading!:man_facepalming:t2:


you know what im totally wrong. what the heck was i thinking. its not a physical sport

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I’m below 30; and till now I’m trying to improve my trading skill! And I hope 2023 will be great for me!

Just celebrated my 36th birthday for the 28th time. This way of counting means i will not be old
until i celebrate my 36th for the 36rd time. C’mon you gotta be positive.
Ps - the profit and loss on my Fx account are worked out the old fashioned way - using fingers !!!

Indeed! Like they say, “it is never too late to do anything new.” What you need is willpower and the right resources .

When I started my trading career then I was near about 20; I think, 20 is such a great number to start!

Bro, you are asking our age, no issue! But can you please mention your own age 1st?

older traders are generally wiser

That I agree with. I’ll let you know - i’m below 50… But i’m not exactly a spring-chicken.

I don’t think age is a big deal. But my age is 26 and I have been trading Forex for a few years.