Top 20 problems faced by forex traders

  1. Lack of REAL interest in Trading.
  2. Lack of self-discipline.
  3. Greed.
  4. Overconfidence.
  5. Lack of REAL interest in trading.
  6. Revenge Trade.
  7. Exit too Early.
  8. Impulse trading - placing trade before thinking.
  9. Not paying attention to calendar events.
  10. Losing self-control.
  11. Not sticking to Trading Plan.
  12. Over-running on Emotions.
  13. Inappropriate trade size or over trading.
  14. Unrealistic expectations
  15. Not Balancing Risk:Reward Ratio.
  16. Over-thinking Set ups
  17. Inconsistency.
  18. Fear.
  19. Stubbornness.
  20. Changing Trade Strategies too often.

Add Yours…:man_teacher:t4:

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Stop losses being placed too tight in order to validate a correct r:r.
Not sleeping enough.
Becoming unsociable by constantly checking price whilst in a trade.

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The irony is that you the one posting this will fall for one of them.

The wrong trading style will undermine all the hard work by the new trader -

  1. day trading
  2. reversal trades
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What does THAT mean???

Yeah. That’s a fact. I’ve fallen for a number of them before, but I’ve learnt from my mistakes, which is why I can list them. However, we all fall for one reason or the other, even for the ones I didn’t mention. I don’t know about you or anyone else, I sure will rise again. :wink::+1:

It’s all good Sir.