Total Newbie here introducing myself

Hi everyone I am a YouTuber and Crypto Miner and I am here to start my journey as a trader on Forex and Crypto.

Best of luck.

Welcome to the community. @tbssecurett. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start for beginners.

Ooooh! :smiley: Welcome! :blush: So I assume your content is mostly about crypto and forex? :smiley: Which coins do you mine? :slight_smile:

No sorry I only do product reviews.

Thanks for the support

Welcome! Babypips will definitely help you go through your trading journey. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck!

Wow, can you share your YouTube channel? I love watching videos on YouTube, but I never had the patience and strength to make my own channel.

Hi and welcome. What made you want to come over to the dark side lol

Hey, glad to have you here! Learn well so that you are capable of standing in the market and taking advantage of the price movements.
PS: start with forex trading as it is easier.

Welcome. What do you mine?

Welcome to the community, mate! Crypto trading seems to be a good way of making additional income to me. You can start with the basics.

Hello there! Welcome to the community! I hope you can find some useful information here. Could you share your youtube channel name please?