Total newbie needing step one advice on how to start learning

Hi Everyone’ I’m totally new to all of this but extremely interested & keen to learn, as many friends & colleagues have been telling me about forex & crypto trading ect and most have done pretty well out of it.
Especially in this current climate with low interest from banks ect…
I would like to learn from scratch all I can & make it work for me…
But like I said I’m 100% new to this with no experience at all, so any pointers on where to start learning & what to do from here would be hugely appreciated!!?..
Many Thanks people…

Am ready to teach you

What you have experienced with friends and colleagues is social media marketing hype. Come back in a months time to find out the reality.

Yes, you can make money, but you can also lose it - as most newbies do. FX & crypto currency trading is speculative and high risk. There is no short cut to success, or any guarantees, ever.

It is important to gain experience before committing your money - practice on a demo account first.

You can learn forex from many sources.

You have to be very careful when you are making any decision.

@Robjay Learn the fundamentals about forex first. BPs provides great platform for this, you can check this here: Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology -
This course will give you a brief idea of each term and I also insist you to try a demo side by side to understand the concepts better.

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A demo is the best place for you to learn forex trading.

The first step is to realize the markets are rigged. The second step is to dive into market maker trading. Then you will learn the real deal. Simple support and resistances do not work. That is too retail. Banks do not care about that.