Total Newbie to Forex and BabyPips

Hi all, totally new to the world of FX and BabyPips. Grateful to have this site and community to start me on my path :slight_smile:

Welcome welcooome! :blush: Have you already started on the school here? :slight_smile: Forex really seems intimidating (and it is oftentimes :sweat_smile:) but knowing the basics really helps! :smiley: Good luck!

Hello Pip2! Welcome and good luck on your new journey!

As for me, it seems very good to start your trading journey from forums, especially this one. At first I was skeptical about it, but I see how much support users get here. User questions are answered and useful tips provided. I am happy to see another newbie here, it means that our community is growing. I hope you succeed in becoming a good trader, good luck to you!