TP price not changing to green

I remember when the price got within 10 pips, the price would turn green. That is not happening now and I don’t think I did anything to remove that feature. Is there a menu item that enables this feature?

Ken D

I take it you’re talking about a particular terminal.
Maybe it’s some kind of delay.
Don’t worry about it.
The colour of the indicator has no effect on your results.

Can’t see this feature in my Hotforex MT4 platform. Maybe you have some custom mt4 built? Or maybe different platform?

Why don’t you speak with the customer support team? I’m sure if they’re fast at reverting to queries, you’ll get a better answer for your queries than anyone here could offer.

Check if you have made the right calculations.

It’s nothing to worry about. It will change soon. Looks like some delay.

You should definitely contact the platform you are trading on for a better idea.