Trade Journal 2024: Following Tommor's "Most Boring Trend-Following Strategy"

After losing all of my gains last year thanks to the longest series of losing streaks ever, I think it’s time for me to start my own(ish?) thing.

While this strategy is based on @tommor’s most boring trend-following plan and not necessarily my own, it’s still pretty far from what I was doing the past two years which was just to follow the chart art trades from Babypips (which btw worked REALLY well for me in 2022 but I think 2023 just got so busy and I got lazy doing my own work with their trade ideas).

I started with a $300 account which I brought up to a high watermark of maybe around $405 in 2022 and now I’m back to $305 lol. At least I’m still up, I guess??

With this trading journal for 2024, my account will start at $305.

I have an open trade now but I’ll share details after I close it lol. A little nervous but we’ll see how this plays out!


Let’s go!!! I’m looking forward to this journal.

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Good luck!

Any updates? How’s it going?

I had made a whopping total of one trade using this strategy and it was a losing one. I didn’t want to let anyone down so instead I waited to find another setup and ended up not putting in a trade at all.

Thanks for keeping me accountable, I really need to find time to work on this. Unfortunately, I was so used to just taking trades from the babypips blogs that with this one, it’s a completely different beast. A system for myself is needed!

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Have you been busy, or lost motivation?