Trade like a Professional

Hello All,

I’m traded forex for 1 years and still on my way to gain my knowledge on this forex market to built a trading system that can earn money for my living.
I hope that I’ll become a professional trader making a lot of money

Sure… :smiley:

So what’s this thread about ?

Read from the Forex books which wrote by the successful/professional trader. After read, I feel that I still can’t have the real feeling on how all these professional trader trade Forex. We need to have the real idea, principle, concept and his knowledge to determine a trade. It’s really hard to be a good trader.

What I going to do now is just like a copycat. Watch and see how all these professional traders’ live account open and close their trade.

Smart way is to learn from the pros, for me though - understanding what was going on (price action, indicators, etc) and how it was being used was more important so I could spot their missed trades too and figure out if there was a reason. This is what got my trading more “professional” - understanding.

That statement is where your going to go wrong. Don’t think about the money, think about building consistency and maximizing RISK adjusted returns.

I totally agree with the consistency of return.
Controlling the risk or risk management is the rule of 2% of the account allowed to lose.
Others will very depend on the probability, statistic, … method to make a consistence profit along the way.

To keep the consistency return is not easy…

Could any professional trader share their truth method how to make a consistent profit.?

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Do you have a system that you understand and that has proper money management?

One year could be short if you are not in the right way. stable return is always the correct objective however seeking for more profits is always misleading.