Trade Log

I have decided to log on what I am thinking about trading.

  1. I will use a demo account first before investing.
  2. I will not invest until I am confident of my skills.
  3. I will make this as a part-time activity.

What about you, anybody here who would like to show their trade log?

Part time activity??? Pamskee, you gotta go full force if you wanna make it happen!! hehe, okay maybe not at first, but there will come a day were you have to risk security for the life as a trader. I wish you well and good luck!

Ha ha lol :slight_smile: I like your sense of humor, pipcrawler :slight_smile: for the first part of your post I was afraid about that suggestion of yours as it is not easy for newbies like us to risk on having trading as a full time activity right away but for sure, it will come, at the right time :slight_smile: Thanks for being in this forum. We appreciate your ideas.

Pipcrawler, can you please give me a sense of what steps you undertook to arrive at your decision to go full time as a trader? My job still pays me very well. I’d like to trade full time. What were your requirements before you can go full time?

PC just likes trading so much he wants everyone to trade just like him, haha. The truth is, you don’t necessarily have to go full time in order to be a trader. You can trade part time or full time depending on what your goals are. Not everyone [B]has [/B]to be a full time trader. Although it’s very satisfying to trade for a living it’s also alot of hard work.

No matter what you decide (full or part time trading), it’s a very good idea to log your thought process and your trades so that you can monitor yourself and make adjustments if necessary. I think this is a good forum for you to start with so keep on posting. I’d love to drop in and see how you’re doing. Remember, it’s a journey so hang in there. Stay focused and disciplined and you’ll come out on top at the end.

Happy trading!