Trade recommendations from a newbie

Hi, I haven’t been trading forex for that long at this point (about a month only). But I learn quickly and I seem to have been doing pretty well on demo account recently so I will be posting my trades in this thread. I am looking forward to comments and feedback from other users here :smiley:
I use the system of MA crosses and following trend. It seems to be the most conservative strategy I’ve tried so far. Also I usually don’t aim for t/p of over 100 pips but I set s/l not that far away either.
Here are my first few trades:
USD/JPY: SELL @ 95.710, s/l: 96.285, t/p: 94.810, RESULT: +90 pips
EUR/JPY: SELL @ 130.118, s/l: 131.465, t/p: 129.218, RESULT: -134.7 pips

2 little trades I entered this morning are:
EUR/USD: SELL @ 1.37598, s/l: 1.379655, t/p: 1.37425, RESULT: -36.7 pips
GBP/USD: SELL @ 1.56785, s/l: 1.57200, t/p: 1.56260, RESULT: -41.5 pips
The reason I went short on the two is to try and see if the pairs will retrace to 61.8%. And from what I’ve learned so far, it seems like they will because right now both are in an uptrend and just recently experienced a breakout and a new higher high.
UPDATE: evidence that you should never trade against the market.

New trades:
EUR/JPY: SELL @ 130.363, s/l: 131.475, t/p: 129.525
EUR/AUD: BUY @ 1.78037, s/l: 1.76880, t/p: 1.78950
USD/JPY: SELL @ 94.462, s/l: 95.015, t/p: 94.030