Trade the FX DEATH ZoNE!

Hello Traders and Traderettes my name is Yanick Forex and CFDs traders, Founder of Trader for my own capital since 2007 I’ve developed my own trading style and i’ve called it THE FX DEATH ZoNE Trading Strategy. It is all based on price action and supply demand levels. I’m a Swing Trader using market & pending order. My analisys is based on my three personalised indicators with unique custom settings allow me to spot opportunity and place trades with clear cut rules.

  1. FX DEATH PEAK&VALLEY indicator show exactly where institutional traders enter the market. From this DEATH PEAK & VALLEY is created the second indicator the FX DEATH ZoNE.

  2. FX DEATH ZoNE indicator plot the area where we will as professionnal traders enter the market and KILL 95% of novice retails traders. This is where we make BIG MONEY!

  3. Third indicator is FX DEATH %R with my custom settings, it will act as a validation.
    I believe in long term goal, that’s why I am a swing traders, my strategy is 100% technical using price action and area of supply & demand.


I don’t believe in fundamentals, I know that this market is hightly manipulated and all informations I need is already in the price.

Price structure tell us everything, forget want you already learn, open your mind and do not be afraid if it seems too easy. Trading IS easy when you get an hedge and when you’re enough disciplined to follow the rules of your strategy. FX DEATH ZoNE Strategy gives me this Hedge.

My success is based on patience and discipline so to be honest my trading is very boring and it should be.

If you find your trading activity boring, you’re on your way to succeed!!!

Follow me on my journey and lets bring some pips!

You can allow follow my trade ideas on Twitter at : @FXDEATHZoNE.


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Here is the last picture of the trade example :

why do you scale out of a profitable trade?

edit: why is your tactic to scale out of profitable trades?

im not critizising you, i only want to understand why.


With years i found that when i take 50% of my profit at TP1 and let the other 50% run to TP2 i’m more profitable. You will found that price often reverse at TP1 and stop me out at breakeven just after. As soon as price reach TP1 i close 50% and move my stop to breakeven to be in a stress free trade. I’m more comfortable that way then always shoot for TP2 or close all the position at TP1.

ah ok so its more a psychological reason and you beeing easier into “not caring for trade and let profits run”?

I would say it is more a technical reason than a psychologic reason, I have more success by taking out some profit at TP1. At Take profit 1 my risk reward is also good and at TP2 it is very good. By shooting only for TP2 my winning rate drop drastically.
And to be honest, yes it’s possible that this have a psychologic effect on me :wink:

My Weekly trade setup and ideas posted :

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The account that you show us has not been into profit since approx. sept last year (one month after strating). You claim a bit more than that. Care to show us how you are doing over a longer period of time?


Hi Toekan,

I don’t have proof for a longer time period. I show my history from January 2016 even if on my page it start on September with a negative result. I did not want to hide anything and i want people to see the evolution on my trading. (Rough start and i wish, a nice and steady growth) I want to use 2016 to show people what i can do, people can follow me the entire year and will see if i can be profitable for the long run. I think it better to put this pressure on me right now than waiting to have a long positive track record. I can deal with the pressure of trading, Now i want to know if i can deal with the pressure of followers.

merci, sorry my english is not perfect, i speak french (Montréal Canada)