Trade time frame as advised by EA

Hi All.

Need advised. I’m just stared using EA. When they mention to run H1 time frame, does it means that I need to open the MT4 with H1 and run the robo? Or I can be at any MT4 time frame and need to adjust the setting in the Robo properties for H1? The reason I asked is because I already run the EA on M30 MT4 time frame and it’s starts to open 1 order, after maybe more than an hour, I wanted to view the H4 time frame and for some reason it opens another order after I click the H4. This happens to me on the same EA a couple of times. So I kind of need some advised pls. Thanks / Zali1971

Hi, open H1 chart, install EA, leave MT4 turn on. Regards Greg

yes leave on the 1H if it states that

If it staes 1H, you should leave it to that.

If you are using an automated system, it will trade on the time frame that fits the predefined instructions. But if you are into manual trading, higher time frames will be better. They work great as there is minimized interference of noise and you can trade as per your understanding.