Trade Types

I am reading about Options, Futures, ect but i dont see them on my mobile app. What I do see is Market executions, Buy limits, Sell stops. I don’t know what this is but apparently i made over $800 on the loonie yen this morning on my demo account

That is probably because the broker you are dealing with does not offer options, futures etc. You should check what they have as trading instruments.

You confuse asset classes with order types and you really did not ‘make’ anything in a demo account. You did not place a trade in the market which means no profits or losses can be faced. Back to your confusion about asset classes and order types, it sounds to me that you should focus less on playing in a demo account and wasting your time and more on learning about trading in general. Start with the basics, visit the babypips school here and learn step by step. Just my two cents.