Trade wars,brexit and pandemic

what next an alien invasion ?
hope they can help us find a vaccine

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An asteroid, for all we know.

Dark humour aside, I do hope a vaccine is found and produced as soon as possible. And even if it is, vaccinating billions of people will take a while.

Well there are only four end-games with this virus pandemic.

  1. they develop a vaccine so we all get the jab and get on with our lives, but this don’t sound likely soon
  2. they develop a cure so it doesn’t matter if we get it, we just catch it and then get a jab with the antidote, but this don’t sound likely soon
  3. they can’t develop a vaccine or a cure in which case we all have to catch it, but this don’t sound good…
  4. the virus mutates into something beneficial like something that can help make much better cheeses, but my money’s not on this…

We are up the creek…

Well the scientist will have to earn their corn for a change ,not to mention the floods in UK,fires in Australia and locust s in Africa sounds. Very biblical

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Trust you ,you gone from been a optimist to a pessimist back to an optiitimist lol

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Never mind we can all treat ourselves to a bottle of Dettol

Seems there’s a fifth- robot snipers!:
From BBC:
But, at Hong Kong International Airport, testing is under way on a full-body disinfectant device. This, the airport says, can sanitise users within 40 seconds, using sprays that kill bacteria and viruses on skin and clothing.

The airport is also trialling autonomous cleaning robots that move around killing microbes by zapping them with ultraviolet light. Similar robots have been tested in makeshift hospital rooms" :+1::grinning:

Can the retail crowd get in on this? I’m interested in one for my home.

There are plenty of online shops. I assume that with this pandemic that industry will expand more than ever before.

Yes, 2020 is clearly not going as we hoped it would. On the contrary, I was worried that this year would go somehow sluggishly. But now, on the contrary, I would like all these events to slow down a little and give mankind time to take a break from all this chaos and panic. The joke about aliens (or maybe not a joke :confused: ) was very funny, you can even make a new meme.

you cant say something too outrageous on here you will get pull up :scream: :frowning_face: :persevere:

I really doubt it will mutate into something beneficial, but it could mutate into something less deadly. It happened with the Spanish flu.

A beneficial virus would be a real breakthrough - maybe a bug that confers immunity to hangovers, or which turns excess tummy fat into wee-wee.

But my money is not on either of these…

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That sounds like the beginning of a superhero movie. :smiley: If only…