Trade what you see don't what you think

Hello everybody. I am trading since 2009. I read babypips since i started trade. Now i will post my trade journal. Hope you all of you change with me yours view.

Now I am order to go long on EU 1.3070 SL 30 pips target 1.3160

When I first glanced at this trade I did not like it, but I was totally wrong, it’s actually a really good trade. I can’t see you hitting the TP prior to the LO tomorrow, but think you have a great shot at 1.3160 being hit before 1.3040 is hit again. You’re up 37 pips at the moment. Are you taking anything off and moving your stop? I’d guess not as you would have mentioned it, but I was wondering what you thoughts are. How much of your equity are you risking on this trade? Do you often enter trades (historically in your demo) at this time of day?

I’m cheering for you; subscribed.

First thank for subscribed. Second I am just to order go long mean put pending order and i cancelled it before news. Not take trade.

Pipping whole new week all :slight_smile:

Short limit AU 1.0300 SL 30 pip TP 1.0190

Close my this sell -26 pips

Long GBPUSD from 1.49181 TP 1.5040 SL 1.4990

Risky cause against trend

Yesterday gbpusd long tp hit now flat till possible entry

Hello all. Long NZDUSD @8239 TP 8300 SL 8220 GL all will take lot of pips

Closed my this Long entry 8264 this morning.

On EURUSD Long @12935 TP 1.3065 SL 1.2905. If closde above 1.2965/70 move SL

SL hit. Waiting for another opportunity

Sorry for didn’t update. Short EURGBP from 84475 TP 30pips SL 25 pips