Tradeciety Education

Anyone looking for some decent trading content might want to check these guys out:

I’ve never taken any of their paid courses, but they seem like a pretty reputable company on the surface and they send out a newsletter every Thursday which I usually find it insightful. Plus, it’s free.

Maybe some of you have had a negative experience with them, if so I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on them, positive or negative.


nothing negative to report, here

the opposite, if anything

over the years i’ve clicked on various links to their website, some from google searches and some from other trading websites, and almost always been pleased with what i’ve found and come to the conclusion that they’re (at least) “pretty good, as these things go”

i’ve never bothered opting in for their newsletter, but probably will, now that you’ve kind of recommended it - thanks!


Thanks for your input.

Yes, I do recommend it and read it each week. I’ve subscribed to several newsletters like this only to unsubscribe shortly after due to the content being too vague and obvious “clickbait”. These guys seem to put some honest effort into the content they send out.


Thank you for sharing that man.


Thanks for sharing that trading content site, man. checked it out, seems legit haven’t taken any paid courses, but their free newsletter is helpful. no negative experiences with them yet. Will let you know if I do.