Traders based in Australia!

Hello everyone,

I am looking to network with forex traders based in australia, wether your seasoned or a beginner, it doesnt matter!

Hit me up :smiley:


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Yep I am in Australia.

Sydney and you??



Hey guys, I’m in Perth.

I’m in Perth myself, but I’m reaching out to people to see if they would be interested in joining an active Forex chat, to share ideas and so on

Not many of these around. Especially a chat room with traders who know what they are talking about.

How long have you been trading and are you a part time or full time trader??

I belong to a couple of chat rooms and a live trading room. The live trading room is at night and it is a futures and options trading room. We meet on Zoom meeting and discuss trades. The convener is an ex floor trader by the name of David Duty at Common Sense Commodities.

I also belong to Daytradingforexlive and chat on their website.



The one I run is good, non toxic and everyone pushes each other, we have seasoned to beginners. I myself have been trading for almost 4 years.
I trade part time though.
I don’t think I’ll go full time for a while.

That’s interesting. What do you call you chat group and what time do they meet??

I have been trading for about 6 years. I"m full time. Most of my trading is with futures and that’s where I make most of my money. I trade the US Session but for kicks and giggles I trade the spot FX market during the Asian and London Sessions.

Although it is a nightmare trading now. Margins are high spreads are wide comissions are outrageous. Last night I was looking to sell a naked call on Gold and they wanted $110 commission. I also traded the Dow long and on entry found I was 25 tics down before I even started thanks to slippage. Lucky I was right and closed the trade at 60 tics up. But it is a crazy place out there now and it’s not for the faint hearted or the beginner.



It’s actually a FB chat group. So it runs 24/7, there’s always someone that will reply.

The broker I use is pretty good to be fair so I don’t have the problem of high commish or spreads. Never done futures myself though

Mmmmm a bit difficult I don’t have or don’t want Facebook.



Haha, yeah I understand that :+1:

Im from wollongong. Would like to connect

i am near RAILWAY CENTRAL…I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. I am desperate to find other traders i SYDNEY.

Jim Jenkins (02) 4017-1152

hI blackduck,

My name is Jim Jenkins. I am near railway central. I know what I’m doing. Lets meet soon. i am desperate to try and find traders in sydney

are you in sydney? i am desperate to find traders in sydney. i am near railway central. (02) 4017 1152. name: Jim Jenkins

Hi all, I am based in Melbourne and have been trading for a few years

Me and my partner are based in sydney and are somewhat beginners at forex and would love to connect and learn more with fellow traders :grin:

Hey guys
i was trying to open chat with the australian trader group