Traders Based in the United States

Holla, i’m James from Lake View, i’d love to connect with Active Traders in the United States. We’ve got alot to talk about. It’s gonna be a big advantage if you’re an experienced and disciplined trader too.

Why traders in the states? Do you see different charts over there or something?? Are you worried charts in Australia might be upside down?


Is Active Traders the name of the company?:open_mouth:

it’s for a geographic purpose

Cool. What kind of advantage?

Smith how long have you been trading?

how long have you been trading?

About two and a half years. How about you?

What are you looking to connect with American traders about?

What do you mean lots to talk about? There’s countless threads already on this forum.

What are you looking for?

I don’t mean to be rude, but your thread is moving pretty slow for someone who has lots to talk about and is suggesting a big advantage. You’re responding to me 30 days later.

What’s up?