Traders: Do you ever feel like you're being too opportunistic?

Was just thinking about this because of the corona virus. I feel like calamities and dangerous events are part of the things traders automatically jump in to make a quick buck. E.g. oh that virus is now spreading, how could that affect the markets so that I could make a profit from it?

Do you think like this? If you do, does it make you feel bad sometimes? Or is it one of those “it’s already happening, might as well take advantage of it” kind of situation?

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It’s a valid question - is it possible to trade ‘ethically’ in the same way that it is possible to invest ethically.

What are your thoughts?


For instance, if you yourself wouldn’t want your kids to start vaping but know (just as an example) that Altria is doing well, would you still put your $$ in that stock?

But for currencies, I find that it’s a little different as it’s more “detached” from the actual event itself, does that make sense?

Aye, it does, maybe the thing is being aware.

A few years ago a trader made money, he was TA so didn’t question the ‘candle’, just followed his system.

When in profit he learned that the move was a consequence of a terrorist act in which people died and were injured.

This impacts differently on different people, for me the important thing is to step back and be aware of the pain of others.

If I am content to continue to profit on the consequence of that pain (price movement) and tell myself that is how the market is then that reflects on me and my attitudes and on other market participants who react likewise.

But as always, I have the choice.

Good on you for thinking like this. I find many others just think “well everyone else is profiting from it, why can’t I?” which is almost the same as “everybody else is throwing trash on the highway, why can’t I?” or whatever other thing you’re not supposed to be doing individually but “collectively” you can make an excuse out of. The rationale is, “I don’t let my kids vape anyway, I just buy their stock” or “But I don’t support terrorists really anyway even though I profited off their activities”

Sometimes I think about that and the inherent lack of “human involvement” in trading. Unlike doctors or whatever other profession that directly helps other people, you sometimes question what value you’re bringing to the world. I’ve seen conversations about that here and I think people have justified it by saying they add to the economic consumption… Just talking (typing) out loud. :brain:

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I dont trade fundamentally, but Intentionally or not, good or bad fundamentals will impact the market, and if that move aligns with my technical analysis then I will trade the set-up. Do i feel bad ? not really, i trade as mechanically as possible to avoid emotional decisions like this that negatively impact the trading mindset.

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Having given your question some thought, it seems to me that it might be a non-issue. Most people believe that trading is a zero sum game (I don’t but that’s a different topic for a different time). If you win, it means that someone loses. That someone might need the money more than you do. Do you feel happy or sad when you win? Is trading opportunistic even without the effects of calamities and such?

Being a pure technical trader, the news or fundamentals have no consideration in my trading decisions. Also, whether or not you win in the wake of a calamity, it does not change the fate or the state of those who are affected or suffering.

I’m emotionally sensitive to the suffering of all sentient beings. I became a vegetarian for that very reason. But I don’t see a connection to trading unless you want to profit hugely from the market and send your winnings to help those afflicted. :slight_smile:

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Makes sense for currencies and calamities but might be different for stock trading and the performance of certain industries whose activities you may not approve of, no?

Makes sense. Do you trade other markets also like equities or futures? :open_mouth: