Traders from Birmingham uk

Any traders from the Birmingham area, UK?

UK here up in the North East

London here

Devon. Nice place, but quiet…

What a beautiful place.

You are very lucky.



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Indeed its a beautiful place . Welcome to babypips forum.

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Serious trader here in B16 Ladywood bro. If you;re not a time waster and are serious hit me up and im happy to share cool things with you and trade together after the London open all the way till its close

No but i feel your pain man. i complain with you :joy:

hope you gonna get out of this nightmare man, strenght to you :muscle: :+1:

Trading the London exchange, I wake me up early to trade in the early hours here. However my favourite time is the New York / London overlap. Find some of the best trading opportunities there.

I am from Exeter UK if that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah too quiet for me sometimes lol

Though I live in Nottingham for 6 months and that was too busy lol