Traders in Canada

Traders in Canada, please advise me on reputable forex broker(s) in Canada. Also in which province(s) do such brokers not operate in.

I’m in Ontario and have accounts with OANDA and Questrade. I’ve been using both for about 2 years and am happy so far.

I also opened an account with Avatrade, but have never actually used them because they only take deposits via credit card, and I don’t want to use a cc for trading, so I have no feedback to give you on them. However, they were very helpful walking me through the setup process.

As for different provinces, I have not looked into that, but I do know some have different restrictions. That would all be in the fine print.

I don’t think you need to look for a Canada specific broker. As long as the platforms are regulated and have suitable trading conditions, you can give them a try. There is a whole process where the broker accepts and reviews client applications, specially for non-EU residents. So I don’t think you should worry about that. You can also try demos in case you have doubts about a platform. I do that often and right now I’m trading with IG, XM and Fxview. They really have options when it comes to platforms and support. So far, these are good for me.